This may go in segments. I have yet to decide…but when I do…you’ll know. However, the first segment is MUSIC!!!

This is the magic that makes the world tick…but that’s just one girl’s opinion. Here they are, songs I have been obsessed with (that I am willing to admit) First off, I should mention that as of late…I am attached permanently to all things Homme. Everything that man touches turns to gold. As long as he never does any side projects with James Taylor, we will be good to go. Jimmy Buffet should be included in that as well.
This has nothing to do with my obsessions to start with…but must be addressed. While searching for some sort of evil image for James Taylor..this is what happened.

Oh, James know how I feel about you.

Almost Famous has just been ruined a little bit for me. Does his evil know no end?

Back to happier things. The music dealy. Enjoy.

Yes, segments are apparently necessary.