The ever amazing Clutch in all their glory played an incredible show as per…always. Bought some goodies as well. Always nice. Ooo and the Blast Tyrant re-release, which is stellar. Reverb was pretty cool. Got pretty close to the stage at points. However, they need to do something about their serious lack of air circulation in that building. By about 20 mins into the show, I am pretty sure there wasn’t a person in there who wasn’t soaked…and I do mean SOAKED. Well worth it for Clutch though. I’d still like to do another show there in the future. Here’s the set list and a little bit of entertainment to boot. Enjoy…I did.

Set List:

01 Intro
02 50,000 Unstoppable Watts
03 Pure Rock Fury
04 Power Player
05 La Curandera
06 The Mob goes Wild
07 Profits of Doom
08 Child Of the City
09 Immortal
10 The Soapmakers
11 Open up the border
12 I have the body of John Wilkes Booth
13 The Promoter
14 Gravel Road
15 Mice and gods
16 Animal Farm
17 Struck Down
18 Electric Worry
19 One Eyed Dollar
20 Encore Break
21 Basket of eggs (acoustic)
22 The Regulator (acoustic)