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I’d say this is all random…but that would be cliche for me.

Late nite whatevers, I suppose I drank too much caffeine tonite…so here I am. Granted, if I went and laid down I am fairly sure I would be out in .2 seconds. I’m not giving in though. Sleep takes up entirely too much of life as of late. It’s becoming a sort of nemesis. I think in the end, it will still win. I never stood a chance. My computer is constantly challenging me about my language. Apparently, it doesn’t appreciate my lingual creativity. Why you gots to bring me down? Yea, it just tried to auto-correct that sentence. I denied it like what. No, that wasn’t a question. Tomorrow I will probably see this entry and find out it was all written in Spanish or some such nonsense. You never can tell what will roll out of your mouth at 2 am. I get into a nice vibe when i write to certain songs and turn into a teenage girl, repeating them over and over. It’s horrid…and necessary all at the same time. I’d like to drop some life changing information on you right now…but it’s not going to happen. Phhsh, you want some life changing info, find it yourself. What I have to say won’t matter as much as what you find on your own. There, even while trying to not be yoda, I’ve succeeded in failing. Fantasteriffic. NO, you may NOT auto-correct me, MAC! I love it for trying though. Curse the days of PC’s!
So, apparently some royals got hitched, an outlaw got caught. I’m not much on the news lately. Forgive me if I am skeptical of all the info provided to me by media outlets. It’s paranoia, I know. But is it justified paranoia…perhaps. Of course that is in reference as to weather Willy and Katie tied the knot. I saw no official documents. I won’t be had this time! Alright, this is just babble now.
I think the dog is getting impatient with me. He keeps sighing really heavily and looking at me. Rushed by a dog. This is messed up. I’m thinking I should win something soon. It’s about time. Been awhile. Just my luck it will be like a dental tray and a thing of mint floss. I hope it’s waxed. Lately I have this feeling that I am going to win everything. I think it might be false confidence. The world makes me have unrealistic expectations. It was this or thinking that I could be like a super model. I figured this was a healthier delusion…and I get to eat. Food really is the best thing since sliced bread…wait…I don’t think that works here. I read through a college guide today. You know, researching classes available to figure out what I want to be when I leave Neverland. There were classic course option such as: Equine pathology, advanced walking techniques I and II, Outdoor adventure education & spanish for the equine industry.  I kid you not. Remind me why college is valid any more? A college diploma is about as reassuring to an employer as an employee of the month plaque from Burger King. It really is a grab bag out there, folks. You never know what you are going to get. Granted, there are good colleges with courses with practical applications. This was obviously not one of them. I think those are few and far between and mostly end up caught in tornados and dropped outside of the continental U.S. (sorry Puerto Rico..that’s a no-go for you too). I’m just bitter…and realistic…but mostly bitter.
And on that note, I’m off to dream about celebrities. I don’t have a choice in the matter. Last nite, Claire Danes was a librarian. I’m pretty sure she was trying to help me escape. It was a mix between Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade and Anne Frank.  I think Dr. Elsa Shneider & I probably shared the same fate in the end. I don’t remember, but I have bad knees and always run like I’m about to have a heart attack in dreams.  On a good moral note, I wasn’t carrying a wooden goblet…so I am probably good on karma. If it’s a dream about high school, I’m going to be in a nasty mood tomorrow. There have been a lot of Heroes references in my dreams as of late. So, I might have super powers…like the ability to walk backwards really fast or bake things in the oven really, really speedily. Utterly useless. The dog is telling me lights out. I’m not even spellchecking…that’s how hardcore I am.


Friday nite mayhem…and soap

The title is a complete fabrication. Except the soap, that was real…it’s Emery’s bath nite. My idea of friday nite “mayhem” is chasing my two year old across the living room and doing the victory dance because I can run faster. Oh yea, there’s something to be proud of. In all actuality, he is quite fast. He has short legs though, so I guess it’s not really fair. Sigh…I take pride from what I can.

Pride is a six letter word & worth 14points

Ok, dream last nite. Took Emery to the toy store to try to find him a cool action figure. (Which is hard to do) They all suck. We’re going to have to go old school and order them off ebay. Batman and Spiderman will be ours!!! Maybe this time Emery won’t pop the leg of Spiderman and make him dance around the house all amputee stylie from here on out. That would be a step in the right direction, me thinks. Ok, back to the dream. So, after that I went solo and ended up in a trailer park where a mad man was recreating the scene from American Psycho with the chainsaw…Only everyone had pants. relief. It really just seems like common sense. DO NOT RUN NAKED WITH A CHAINSAW. Seriously. Any who…turns up, chainsaws can’t hurt me in dreams. I’m invincible. I can’t say the same for my nemesis.



You just don’t run with a chainsaw. It ends on a bad note 9 times out of 10.  I know I’m repeating, but maybe my repetition will save someone’s life some day when they go to break out in a brisk jog with the chainsaw in their hands and then stop to think…”What was it Megan told me to never do? Oh, that’s right, I should turn off the chainsaw first. And where are my pants?” It’s a life saver. Then I ended it by taking refuge in an Amish family’s house. They are going from weird to “you sound like you’re just making that up.” I swear I’m not.

I’m one of those people that convinces myself that I AM going to win sweepstakes and whatnot. I seriously have been known to plan my schedule around the times that I think the prizes will be awarded. It’s so not healthy. Publishers Clearing House could put a person in therapy. Based on the fact that I already think I am going to win ANYTHING, I probably already belong in therapy. Maybe I can will winning into existence. I’m pretty sure The Secret says that’s how life works. Just be optimistic about everything and you will get everything you want. However, I’m pretty sure they were just willing people’s $20 out of their hands and into deep pockets. Well done, well done indeed. That’s the Secret.

On another note, I am disappointed Christopher Walken doesn’t have a twitter account…and at the same time proud. He is stronger than I am. They lured me in with…shocker…a sweepstakes. This is a low point in my life. However, I think it has been worth it just to read Conan O’Brien’s posts.COB Good stuff right there. You should also know, I did not win the sweepstakes. Life isn’t fair.

Rise and shine, Crazy.

Well, let’s just begin this by saying that I have been having insane dreams as of late.  I love to write about dreams because mine usually involve actors or people that should NOT be in your dreams. I find it to be highly amusing. It’s really like getting to watch a great flick every nite in my brain when I pass out. Two thumbs up, I say. Last nite’s dream was none too disappointing. Although, I already forgot a lot of things and there aren’t a lot of connectors…so it kind of just jumps all over the place. For example, I dreamt that I was running from this giant demon thing that took on the form of  a dragon “thing”. (It wasn’t really a dragon…but resembled it.)[Spiderwick Chronicles] 

Not my best look

Any who, somehow I got tricked into drinking this beverage that ended up having some of the creatures blood in it and that meant that when I was face to face with the creature we would take on the same form. Naturally, it would be HIS form. That meant that I spent a chunk of my dream flying around, busting through buildings and fighting the creature. However, by the end of the dream I got its wings off and then it was vulnerable again.[Dogma] In case you haven’t noticed, my dreams just incorporate other movies’ ideas and turn them into my own interpretation.

Man, do I love him. Sock rockin.

Then some how we ended up at Michael’s old band mate’s house and we were hanging out with his family. Had lunch…did laundry and then ended up at home only to have our neighbor at our house complaining about wives and how couples are. Michael and I explained we weren’t like that and then we were all awkward and quiet.  I don’t remember who my celebrity was in my dream last nite. I can’t quite put my finger on it. I will keep trying and see if I can remember it. At a later date I will tell about what happens when Whoopie Goldberg and Samuel L. Jackson are your partners at the NYPD and you bust drug dealers day in and day out.  Good times. Where these dreams come from…I don’t know. I don’t even drink the water. Go figure.



On a completely different note, been watching the Olympics every nite. Turns out I really like them. Who knew? Apparently not me. Ok, so when I say I really like them…I don’t mean ALL of the events. Speed skating to me is like Nascar. I can only take going in so many circles and then I just get tired. I actually opted out of speed skating the other nite and watched CSI instead. Not my proudest moment. Not to mention I learned that I do not like CSI…nor will I ever. Matter of fact, minus lost and the morning shows…I really have had no desire to watch any of the other shows thus far. From what I can tell, The rest of the country’s ideas about what they find funny is not really on the same page as mine. We’re not even in the same book. C’est la vie. Alright, I think that is enough for now. I’ll end on this tidbit of info I heard on tv the other day. Something like 78% of people in Great Britain admitted to only changing their sheets every  4-6 weeks. College kids said only about 5 or 6 times a year. Ponder that and cringe.