All those phrases people use. Nuts. First, I’m pretty sure the pathway to hell is not paved with good intentions. Second, of course it’s a slipper slope. Third, I’ll address the edge business even though it isn’t technically one of “Those phrases”. I find this phrase to be…lame. It’s something I picture hearing a “supposed risk taker” in an 80’s flick saying to a dweeb that he needs to exploit. Also, hello Aerosmith. Bon Jovi was livin on a prayer. To both I say, death to the tyrants! Bon jovi is so close to James Taylor on my crap list that they could do a pound…if either of them was cool enough to do such a thing…which they aren’t.

Also, punctuation rant. I am the queen of the over-use of the period…………Why you ask? In all honesty, I feel like pausing is a vital aspect of speaking….and the other punctuation just isn’t cutting it. However, tonite was an exclamation point type of nite. Why you ask again? My, aren’t we inquisitive this evening? (Questions answered with questions are awesome. eg. “What’s with you today?”  “What’s with today, today?”) Some of you got that. Some of you didn’t. I weep for those who are staring at that reference blankly. I said blankly and had a flashback to Blank Man. That was a sad two seconds. Damon Wayans, the saddest of the wayans brothers solely because of that voice and big bald head of his. Although, no matter what others say, I did kind of love Earth Girls Are Easy. Mock me all you want. I care not. “A UFO landed in my pool and they captured me but we made friends and I fed them Pop-Tarts and they’re here now but Ted’s coming home tonight so we’ve got to cut their hair.” Wait, now that I think about it, Damon had the best roles of the Wayans….so maybe life compensated him for the voice and bald head.  Hmm, who knew life was a philanthropist. Oh, back to the topic at hand, punctuation! That’s right, exclamation point! Because after all, an exclamation point is just a period that can bungee jump…or commit suicide. One is definitely more bleak. I’m more of an under-score girl myself. You know, out of the way. Not like 6 feet in the ground out of the way. However, if the exclamation point is doing itself in….   !  ->  _     If p then q, people.  Rambling. Moving on.

Different realm of rant. Kids and sickness. Now, I’m not a doctor, but it seems to me that kids are doing this whole sickness dealy a lot more often lately. I mean granted, I wasn’t tallying how many kids were out when I was in school, but I know that I was rarely ever sick. Now, that’s not because I was some freakishly healthy child. So, my assumption is that there is some other reason why kids are ALWAYS sick. My kid, yea…sick…again. Is the plague starting up again or something? Did I miss the memos being tacked to our front doors about the black death? My phone is a little shoddy at times, so maybe I’m missing the state alerts or something. I know when there is a tornado watch I get the announcements. Is it a low budget issue? It seems to me that there are a couple other programs that could have gone first before disabling the hotline for plague awareness. I also know that the Toll booth on 95 near our house is like $5 a pop also and I figure that alone might cover the alert system. I mean, fifty million cars piled up, waiting to cram through those tolls at $5/car = cha ching. Just saying. Where was I? Oh, kids get sick a lot. End rant. P.s. I don’t really believe an apple a day does anything to keep the doctors at bay. Sounds like a scheme by apple growers, if you ask me. Truly, end rant.

Tattoos? To be or not to be, that is the question. I’d love to get some. AAAAAnd at the same time I’m a big wussy. Then I remind myself of people I have known that have tattoos and think…if they can do it, boy George, so can I! (see what I did there? Accident…but I’m not fixing it.)I don’t know how George is, but apparently he was a doer.  No, there will be no roses, no chinese symbols, no freaky little cherubs or vines crawling anywhere. There will be nothing in shades of pink or written in curvy little sparking letters with stars. I’m so very picky.  But I’ve got a plan. And no, you are not privy to it…or my inner workings. I like to keep it on the D.L. Piercings, however, I do not think are in my future.

I probably won’t have any shows to go to in the month of June (due to my trip) and that’s making me a bit antsy.  Mind you, there are two awesome BlackHAnd shows this month. First, June 3rd at JB McGuinnes in New Castle. Second, June 10th at Mojo 13. I will sadly be gone for both, but am sure they will rock the socks off your ever-loving feets, should you choose to accept this mission. We have a load of concerts this year though and not having one in June is disappointing. APC is in July though. I can make it, I can make it. Oh, except I have been informed that Josh Freese (the drummer) is not going on tour with them because he is drumming with Weezer. What the heck is that?!?!?! Seriously. First, A Perfect Circle hasn’t toured in what, six years…and he’s not coming along with them? That’s messed up. And let’s add insult to injury, he’s leaving them behind to tour with Weezer. Really?! Ok, now here is where I calm some of you down. Old Weezer = good. New Weezer = !  -> _     Refer to former segment on punctuation if you are having trouble.

And I’m done for tonite. Time to sleep and have some weird dreams. I watched a documentary on The birth of rock n’ roll, so I will probably dream about Jerry Lee Lewis or Chuck Berry or something. Buddy Holly was there, but if I dream of him, it will probably connect to my irritation with the whole weezer scenario and things might get messy. P.s. old blues= beyond awesome.
P.s.s  dreamt of taking pictures of ghosts last nite. Pretty sure they were playing simon says. Also, a friend was singing some emo/jared leto, I wear eyeliner and can’t see past my hardcore hair song while the pictures were being taken at a shindig. My dreams are on drugs.