I’m not going to put down the ordinary list of things like  age, location, job. No, instead I am going to give you random things that you don’t need to know about me.  I am a raspberry tea junkie. I have a case of the OCD’s that makes me think that the scene in Sleeping With the Enemy where the husband faces all the can labels forward and straightens the towels was completely necessary and normal.  I can’t stand James Taylor or Jimmy Buffett for reasons that are beyond logical comprehension. I have a goal to visit every aquarium I can, in every place I visit. That goal falls behind going to see the Redwoods in California. Me and trees…we’re like this. (I’m sure you know what motion I just made. If you don’t…try to imagine me crossing my fingers and getting emotional.) Religion…moving on. I’m sure I could be a vegetarian if I didn’t feel strongly that barnyard animals WANT to be eaten. It’s their life goal and who am i to deprive them of their closure? My mind is like a pinball machine with ideas constantly slamming from one side to the other until a light is sparked and it eventually falls down the hole and rolls out of my mouth.