It’s been a shocking amount of time since last I posted. Every time I hear the word “shocking” I just think of Will Ferrel in the movie Elf. Some of you get that…some of you don’t. I’m not explaining. So, as of late…well not a whole lot of what you would call “enthralling” things have gone down. The weather has been grade A awesome. Well, it rained today…a lot. The little girl I watch a couple days a week told me that her nana’s mom makes the thunder. I’m not sure exactly what she means there. Needless to say, I just let that one slide. I find that when I try to correct a three year old, I still end up being wrong in the end. Not sure how that works.

Great Grandma, is that you?

This entry isn’t going to be devoted to anything in particular. I’ll just fill you in on the to-do’s and the to-don’ts of my every day whatnots and thing-a-majigs.
First, been trying to whittle down my Netflix queue. I’m not really succeeding too swell there. I’ll never conquer it. I think that may be a good thing though. I watched the movie Easy A the other nite. It was so-so. I’m a little on the fence about it. Let’s just put it this way…I would never purchase it. However, Fred Armisen was enjoyable, despite the fact his role was very minor.
Next, and this is the old school section that will bore the youngins no doubt, I watched An Affair to Remember and Roman Holiday. Now both I am embarrassed to say I have not watched previous to this day. I’m not proud of myself when I say that…but it’s the truth. Both were very good…as I knew they would be.
Look kids, I kept that segment short and sweet so you wouldn’t pass out on your keyboards and wake up with square shapes imprinted on the side of your face. Some of you deserve that though. I however, am not the bringer of punishments and will therefore let it sliiiiide.
Heroes has been on our viewing schedule lately. We are playing catch up. Note: people do not say one-liners in real life. Claire, stop it.

This is a little tid bit I would like to refer to as “The Double Edged Sword”

would be utterly useless. People are such morons.

This segment is going to be both things that I love and hate at the same time. Hence the whole topic name. Let’s begin..
1. Background noises in songs. First, they can be awesome and add to the music in unanticipated ways. However, sometimes they sound like phones and I find myself searching for  the phone  only to realize, they got me..again.

2. Dry erase boards. Fun to write on? Of course.  Easy to use? Naturally. At some point though, they become a little evil. eg. Things don’t erase as they should, your hands are covered in red marker dust every time you touch them. the markers stop working well and it defeats the whole purpose. Purpose of course being ease of use and less time consuming.  Chalk boards are just mostly evil..despite being enjoyable to write on.

3. Corduroy. Now I love corduroy fabric. I think it’s super comfy and looks snazzy…depending on what has been made out of it of course. Skivvies should NOT be made of corduroy…EVER. This should go without saying…but somewhere out there someone is shocked to hear such a revelation. Now the downside…both heat and feel. Sometimes, it feels like a million bucks. Other times, it’s like nails on that evil chalk board I previously mentioned. Friction. I don’t know what it is about corduroy that makes it so darn frictiony. I mean, I guess I can look at it and figure the scenario out…but it’s RIDICULOUSLY start a camp fire ridiculous. Just saying, do not wear corduroy while camping. Smokey will resent you for the rest of forever.

corduroy friction fire. You can run but you will just make it worse.

4. Ahh the obvious caffeine. Now the love reason is beyond apparent. Then there is the hate. Not the whole “keeping me awake when I want to be sleeping thing.” That’s fair game. You drink it, you deal with it. Or the, ironic in this case, phrase…”you make your bed, you sleep in it.” Which you obviously will not be doing. I however could sleep like a baby after guzzling three two liter bottles of mt. dew and downing an entire coffee beanery. (neither of which would I do) You get the gist though. No, the hate is from dun dun dun…withdrawl. That’s right. That hangover feeling that comes when caffeine is not administered in regular increments like glucose to a diabetic. Caffeine, the crack of the law-abiding citizen.

5. Singles. No, not ones. I happen to rather like one dollar bills.  I am talking about music singles. I know that it’s giving out a little taste of what is to come on the entire cd. The bacon on the filet mignon. Well, unless you are talking pop music, then it’s like the suction cups on the still moving squid that is wrapped around your chop stick and might quite possibly choke you. In that sense (the filet mignon sense)…good. However, after about five plays, I will probably not want to hear that song for a good long while. It doesn’t matter if the song is amazing. Once it has been killed…it’s hard to bring it back. And even if it does get saved…it’s never quite the same again. Much like zombies.

I’m sure there will be more of these to come in the future. It is inevitable. For now though…the sword is sheathed. Well not the sword in the picture  because that’s just not happening.