Queens of the Stone Age set list, Electric Factory, Philadelphia. PA March 24th, 2011:

  1. Encore:
  2. Encore 2:
  3. The show was incredible. The crowd was anything but lethargic…except that top balcony in the back. Guess where I’m glad I wasn’t? You got it…top balcony in the back. We were decently close to the stage on the right hand side. There was a no smoking policy, but as soon as Homme ignored it…everyone followed suit. The floors were sticky, the air was smokey…and I couldn’t have cared less. Show was spot on. Opening band, the Dough Rollers was really good. Kind of rockabilly, bluesy, old rock. They were great musicians and genuine. I like the type of bands you can feel getting into their music. Good stuff. I’ll definitely be purchasing a cd in the near future.  I got in the wrong line for the pat down on my way in. The staff was like, “Get in the chick line.” However, the chicks patting down seriously looked like dudes…so a sign was needed.  Just stating the truth. Just confusing. We did make a wrong turn after the show and end up in Jersey…unable to turn around. Hello Camden. Hello, lots o’ cops. Goodbye Jersey, hello Philly…and a stop to Dunkin donuts for the second time that nite. *Insert boston creme donut into face here* The stars certainly aligned for this show. Ticketmaster just freakishly had tickets for sale on their site to the sold out show…two days before the concert. Michael had to call the day before the show to get them though because the site wasn’t working. We were able to get a babysitter that same day and there we were. If that’s not fate, I don’t know what is.  I didn’t take pics or video (didn’t want interrupt my music experience)…but enjoy a piece of their magic via someone else’s hard work.