I don’t know what you are preparing yourselves for…so best to prepare for all eventualities. End of the world? Make sure you’re on the up and up. End of the week? Make sure you get up to the Black Hand show at Mojo Main. Don’t  say you weren’t forewarned.

Alright. So let’s take on a subject I don’t really care that much about…but want to take on any way. Charlie Sheen. He gets his own sentence because he’s been in the lime light so often as of late. First off, it was Charlie Sheen that was dropped…not the Simpsons.  I’m being blunt and harsh…but it’s the only life I know.  Let’s break down his career and see if tears should be shed.

  1. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Three Musketeers, The Rookie, The Big Bounce…I’m willing to say are enjoyable. Two of which, he has side roles in. Big Bounce only gets to be included because of Morgan Freeman…so I’m not sure that really even counts.
  2. All Dogs Go to Heaven 2, Hot Shots one and deux, aaaand Scary Movie 4….really? Not great contributions to our time.
  3. Brother to Emilio Estevez

Ok, so I’m not sure why number three was listed. It just seems like that is something working against him..for obvious reasons. I mean think of all the incredible Emilio Estevez flicks you have seen in your life time. Go ahead, I’ll wait. What? Back already? That was a short trip to nowhere and back on the public transit of movie failures. But we’re not here to attack Emilio. He gave up and went home years ago..and we’re all the better for it. Thank you, Emilio for standing up and doing the right thing for your country. Now, back to Charlie ol’ boy..or should I say Carlos Irwin Estevez?  And how weird is it that his dad took on Sheen as an acting name  (taken from the reverend Sheen) and then his son and wife took on the name as well? Reality is starting to blur. It’s the D&D of name conundrums. I’m done with Carlos…for now.

So, I have this problem. I’m thinking of seeking help for it…well, ok, that’s not entirely true. I have like five bands that I listen to non-stop because they rock the socks off the competition. I’m the sort that can listen to a cd or watch a movie I love up and down, back and forward until I’m dreaming in DVD/CD formats. I’m not saying it’s healthy…but it’s a nice way to live. Michael is not this way. I think I drag him down with me. He will tell me to pick a cd to listen to and I always come back with the same 40 cds…without fail. Then he says something along the lines of, “We’ve got over 3o0 cds. Why do you always pick the same ones?” They’re just in my blood. It’s band loyalty. However, I do like to listen to other stuff. I just won’t be the one to pick the cd. Eg. I pick Clutch and QOTSA the most. Today I decided to mix it up and listen to…Them Crooked Vultures. Now, you might be able to see the humor in this. Never stray to far from the cd hive. I do need to get some new music though. I never find new bands I like these days. If you have any suggestions…feel free to drop them on me. Leave the speed punk, emo, 80’s metal, and pop at home though. I didn’t say country…but I assumed that was a given.

Hot Tamale