This is going to be contrived of completely random whatevers that might happen to have popped into my head as of late. I simply feel like writing…and I will not be denied. The other day I was pondering, and I realized that if David Bowie and Tilda Swinton had a baby, it would be the truly most androgynous child in the history of ever.



Bowie + Swinton = La Roux

Moving on, saw a helicopter the other day and had a sudden desire to go on an adventure. Maybe that’s my inner Rambo speaking. Better than my inner jean claude van damme talking. I think it’s best to keep that one smothered…with a big down pillow. AAAAnd here’s why…

Jazz Hands

Saw this on yahoo a couple days ago and think this would be stellar. Well, at least until it comes time to skivvy down. Then, maybe not so cool.

the bubble tent

By the way, I need to clean up all the dog deposits in my yard now that spring is rearing its lovely head. However, I was reminded of this because my neighbor was out doing it and then I felt too weird to “mirror” her  over the fence…so I didn’t. Neighbor -one…me – zero. You win this round, Lady. I think she’s just an enabler. Another note, ice cream truck…outside…ding-a-linging this afternoon. It’s not THAT spring yet. Meanwhile, Rita’s Water Ice opens in two days. What? It’s totally different. Oh shut up.