Well, I am back from my vacation to the living room. You should know that I only returned so that you all would not be left hanging, unaware of my outcome. First, I sat on the couch. I indulged in some Peach snapple and Phinneas and Ferb. That show rocks my ever loving socks off. I know what I’m going to do today! I’m going to write in my blog, wait for Michael to wake from his slumber, and then hit up the grocery store. Contain yourself, children…I know you are envious of my thrill seeking life style…but we can’t all live so extravagantly.  Hey, where’s Perry? Any who, Michael said he wasn’t going to sleep, but sure enough, Princess Aurora went down for the count and never came back up. No “true love’s kiss” is going to wake the slumberer up. More like a charlie horse…and I don’t want to be there on the receiving end of that glare when he comes to.  All I’m saying is that if I die before Rip Van Winkle rises and shines, I’m going to be VERY put out…and dead. So where was I? Ahh, new paragraph.

So, last weekend was the BlackHand show in Woodlyn, PA outside of Philly. Show was swell. The room was a nicotine balloon. I kind of felt like we were being tented for extermination. However, since the people inside said tent were the ones doing the smoking…I guess it would be more a suicide pact. There were even those amongst us in our small group  (Meghan D!!!!!) who tried to assist. The Kevorkians of the music scene. I’ve decided I want to live.  We were up late…out late…and smelled bad. Thank you cigarette hair. By the way,,,on a much healthier note…tee shirts are here! Boys are recording in April. And the next show is March 12th @ Mojo Main in Newark, DE.  Annnnnd next paragraph. I suppose you could just watch for the signs of a new paragraph all on your own…but I don’t want to cause any unnecessary shock. Change is so unsettling for most people.

This is what I call "the politician pose"

So the other day, At the bottom of the facebook page, there was a promo that said ” Wilmington, Delware, Bucket list. Things to do in Wilmington before you die.” I nearly spit my tea at the screen.  Apparently, Wilmington is the hot spot and if you don’t check it all out, you might live to regret it.


Check out the “Metro Sectional”