Yea, that title…a bit crap. B- for effort though.

Some might say cool…I say creepy. Wait until you see what they did with ken. Sooo very wrong. Somewhere there is a pile of mutilated Barbies lying in a pile. Toy Story 4: the race to save the Barbies.

America's fate. Russel is based on today's kids. Scary.


More  jewelry. I think this is possibly the dumbest jewelry idea I have EVER seen. “And how did the car accident occur, ma’am?”  “Well, my contact jewelry got in my eye and I crashed.” For me, I spend a good amount of effort trying to keep crap out of my contacts.

To end, I would just like to say that I finally watched all the Ricky Gervais clips on you tube….and I thought he was awesome. I especially appreciated the tom hanks/ tim Allen bit. Kudos to him.