Well, hello world. It’s been far too long since last we spoke. Rather, it has been too long since I spoke and you…well didn’t..because that is how these things work. Silly online journals. Let’s see what is new and exciting as of late. Uhh, snow, yea lots of the white stuff. Oh, there was thunder snow. As weird as it sounds. I’ve decided that I will copyright and market  “snowbow”, “tornasnow” and  ” typhoonadocanethunderbow”. The last is sure to make me world famous and rollin in the dough. ” Sunder” didn’t quite take off like I had hoped. I think it is because it sounded too much like “thunder” with a speech impediment. More to come on prices of tee shirts and mugs. Soon key chains and underwear will be available. We were going to market umbrellas, but we realized they would be no match for the almighty “typhoonadocanethunderbow”…so we swept that one under the rug…for now.  Then again, now that I think of it…the underwear might not be a match for the typhoonadocanethunderbow either. Only time will tell. In other not so exciting news that I will pretend will rock your world and leave you gasping to catch your breath, I have started a new habit of creating folders to house all the things I think are wonderful that I find via the world wide web. I know, I know, this is absolutely mind boggling to you. You all knew that some day I would do something so amazing that it could not be categorized, labeled or even spoken about accurately due to a lack of vocabulary awesome enough to do it justice. Pat me on the back if you must. No, I couldn’t possibly take an award for this achievement. Oh, alright, if you insist. First I would like to thank too much time on my hands and the ability to stare at computer screens until I see auras around my corneas. Next I would like to thank Emery for being able to spot something shiny from a mile away. And last but not least, I would like to thank none other than Christopher Walken. Why? Do I really need a reason on that last one? I think not. So without further adieu…may I present a small portion of the segment I would like to title “Things that rock my ever loving socks off” :

Oh, admit it...that one was interesting wedding. I'm betting it was red velvet cake.

I want this so bad.

I’m thinking this is going to be come a regular segment in my online journal from here on out. Of course, I might become jaded with the online world and decide nothing really appeals to me any more and just read Sonny and Cher lyrics and watch old episodes of The Price Is Right instead. Oh, Bob, you are missed. Everything besides the Sonny and Cher part is a possibility.

come on..you find it intriguing as well.

Hmm, oh show the other nite at Bankshots in Bear, DE. Show was swell. BlackHand of course did an awesome job, kicked butts, took names (and numbers), all that jazz. My ears imploded and then all I could hear was bells. Naturally every time this happened, I drooled and felt hungry. Weird. AAAAAnd more things I think are spiffdiddlyjiff.

ohhhh super nintendo...how I miss thee...let me count thy ways. aaaaand I just thought about "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"

I keep my bread....in my bread. Redundant?

Rocks that can be thrown in glass houses.