I have returned. Since I last wrote I am slightly more enlightened due to a bajillion documentaries, slightly fuller due to a bunch of honkin’ huge meals, and slightly more caffeinated due to the wonderful world of Snapple. I love me some Netflix. This is where I’m beginning. I watched a documentary called, “The Listening Project”. It was about what people in other countries thought about the U.S. It was a good idea in principle, however it equalled chaos. Apparently, half the world wants us to do less, half the world wants us to do more…but both agree that we are supposed to fix all the problems in the history of creation. Good Luck with that, I say.

Got me

We watched ” Aushwitz”. That was informative aaaaaand slighlty depressing…as one might imagine. It’s a grim topic…but I

I'm also making soap, taking a nap and burning down my condo all at the same time. Now that's what we call multitasking.

want to learn as much as possible about anything I can. Did they ever get that sign back that was stolen, by the way?  I am curious.  There were a bunch more…but I’m not breaking down each one.  Let’s see, Saturday we are heading down to Williamsburg, VA for vacation with my family. I’m extremely excited…and not packed. I start making lists like a week in advance to plan for trips. It gets nuts. I think I have three lists  going right now. It’s like I have multiple personality disorder and my different personalities are each planning a different part of the trip. Just call me Sybil. All 17 of me are busy at work as we speak.

I have been dreaming about the ginger cookies in colonial williamsburg. They will be mine, oh yes, they will be mine….and mine…and mine and…so forth and so on. What else…umm yea, so the guys are practicing downstairs right now and are sounding good, if I do say so myself…and I do. I’m diggin it.  My candles keep vibrating off my shelves and falling to the floor. However, the carpet is plush and well padded and the candles are made out of steel, apparently. The vibration is acting as a foot massager as well. That just seals the deal on awesome. Emery read his first word yesterday. He saw the word “FIRE” written on a tee shirt and kept saying there goes fire. I didn’t realize that was what he was reading at first. So I asked him where is fire and he said, “There, E-R-I-F”…beyond spiffy.  Random thought…I would name a dog “El Chupacabra” if I could just figure out what to call him for short. I can’t find a good nickname there. FAIL. I just really want to yell, “EL CHUPACARBRA!!!!” Goat-sucker…that’s hilarious.  Maybe I will just name it “yeti”…only time will tell.

The crowd seems to be split as to what it actually looks like.

Doing his "Mick Jagger" impression