Life seems very strange as of late. Almost like being caught in a movie. I’m not sure what to make of it at the moment. Ask me again tomorrow and maybe I will have it all figured out then. I suppose this is going to turn into somewhat late nite rambling. Just writing to write. Practice makes perfect. I have finally come to recognize that everyone is just a different variation of crazy. It’s kind of refreshing though. Certainly makes life more colorful. However, sometimes I could just go for some gray scale. I have been having crazy dreams again. Last nite I dreamt that amish were trying to recruit me. No more late nite documentaries on the amish. I’m sure tonite’s dreams will be just as crazy, only in a different way. Glad that voting is over. I hate politics. Always have…always will. It’s a circus. People are running around like chickens with their heads cut off, yelling things like a circus announcer . There are bright signs EVERYWHERE that are incredibly distracting.

I’m done with it. I much prefer the calm. I made some amazing creamy chicken and rice soup tonite! Well, the recipe was amazing. It came out nice though.

Thank goodness. I don’t think i could have handled another failed dinner. Worked on our basement tonite. Getting things ready for band nites to start occurring here. Hopefully it will be conducive to some great practices. Watched “Ondine” tonite. I don’t recommend it. Netflix movie ratings failed me tonite. Usually they are very good. I should have known. It had Collin farrel. I really dislike him. If I had to think back on a movie he was in that I liked…I couldn’t. Should’ve watched the documentary on North Korea. Maybe tomorrow. I love me some documentaries. That’s all for tonite. Life is weird. I am stressed. = I need a vacation.