I had to go away for awhile. Nothing like rehab. I just had to take some time off because…well you see, I…Crap. I’ve got nothing. I forgot to write on my wordpress because I saw something shiny. There, are you happy now?! Now let me be and stop guilting me. I am pretty sure that I just had my own internal guilt trip and no one else cared in the least because they didn’t notice I stopped writing. Shame on you all. Did you find something shiny as well? Turns up my “shiny” wasn’t all that impressive…metal bracket from a retainer. Hope yours turned out to be something better. So, start with Black keys. Been loving their last album insanely much. Not sure I feel the same about their older stuff. However, I will give it its fair chance to run the gauntlet called my brain and see what my nerve center makes of it. I would like to say that I was looking through some random images on google for pictures for my entry and had the exact line “never gonna give you up, no matter how you treat me” ( from a black keys song and this image came up at the EXACT same moment. Hello, Rick Astley.

Between the extreme deja vu lately and insane amount of odd coincidences I have been having…life is getting very strange. I swear, I will go to check my phone and a message will pop up, I will be singing something and see the lyrics or see something connected to it, say the same thing at the same time as someone. Eerie I say..and useless. Wonderful. I have been watching the new Doctor Who on another completely different note. I do not believe Matt Smith has replaced my David Tennant…but I accept him and promise to not let it hinder my Who-ing experience. He is actually still quite spectacular. I promise…not a word more on the Doctor…for now. Halloween is fast approaching and Michael and I are going to be at one of his shows that nite. I had a few ideas for Halloween costumes…but that fell through and apparently now I am going as nothing. It’s a lot like something only a lot less. Promises to be cheaper and not as time consuming. Also makes me less likely to stick out in a crowd…unless that crowd is fully costumed. Sore thumb, here I come! Moooooving on. Bovine humor. No, I never thought it was that funny  either, that is unless you are in grade school and reading one of those horrid joke books that you think is hilarious but no one over the age of 10 could possibly come with you on. I look back on those books and can’t believe I adored them so (eg. in a dark, dark room). I bought that for Emery in a thrift store. The reason I loved it so was because there was a story about a girl who always has a green ribbon wrapped around her neck. She got married and all that jazz and on her death bed her husband asked her to take it off. Below I posted why I loved this so. Made me laugh every time. That final line..so abrupt…but to the point. They knew they would be dealing with 7-12 year olds who would be distracted by those shiny objects previously mentioned. Emery is not ready for this particular book…at this juncture.

Moral of the story, boys and girls…some secrets may be good to keep from your spouse…and may keep your insurance claims down as well. Ponder on that in this day of sky rocketing premiums and co pays. I think her husband was all the better for not knowing, eh? Indeed.

Random: This is what I picture my college years may have looked like had I gone…and Gwen Steffani had been my roommate.

Apparently, Taylor Swift went there also…I can’t seem to get away from that alien.

This creeps me out. Coincidentally…the doll in the first pic is named “Jenny”. Her head is going to fall off any second. Wait for it…