While procrastinating I decided to procrastinate. See, I’m multi tasking. Amazing, what you can get done when you aren’t doing anything.  So, I’ve decided that I am going to start doing this thing…when I feel so inclined…where I take celebrities and make up storylines based on whatever I feel like. See, Sean and I do this thing where we talk about Billy Barty all the time. Maybe I will take this to my twitter…but I make no promises. (Not really big on that medium..I get bored) So, todays dealies. It’s looking more like a TMZ situation.

Tangina from Poltergeist has decided to get a reality show about raising children. It is similar to Nanny 911…only there isn’t actually any experience to back up any of her advice. There was a lot of drama in the show because Tangina kept whispering to the children that their parents were lying to them, telling things only a child would understand.  This beastly behavior caused an uproar and the children revolted. night sticks were unharnessed and action had to be taken. Lawsuits have been taken. The show’s owners had no comments to make at this time.

Show's promo shoot

On a lighter note, John Travolta has said that he has been in Arizona for three weeks in an intense therapy compound coping with his issues with his role as Edna Turnblad in the movie Hairspray. He gets very confused when it is time to get ready for his day.  His wife, Kelly Preston, had this comment to make.  “John is in a very confused state and is learning  his personal style all over again. Let’s just hope it happens soon, because I am a size 4 and he is a 24. My clothes are taking a beating.”  Christopher Walken was in stitches the whole time saying, ” I think John looks great in florals.” He did receive a sneer and the cold shoulder from Kelly.  It’s very clear…that from Grease to Hairspray…John is in a sticky situation.

Travolta ejoys refreshments during a group session while another patient tells of his battle.

Walken lends support

And last but not least, it has been reported that Danny Devito has been arrested and is awaiting a trial after an incident Wednesday night.  Apparently, Devito was out with friends Michelle Pfeiffer and Michael Keaton and had a little too much to drink at the night club Ice Flipper, in NYC.  Afterward, The three went on a crime spree around the city throwing fish at taxis and screaming “Pee Wee is my father!” Things went awry after and unnamed party dared Devito to dawn his penguin apparel, smear some ink on his face and waddle around the NY Zoo. He received charges for trying to pin a button on an unsuspecting female Zoo employee and also for strapping little backpacks on the penguins. He was finally picked up from a dumpster behind the Penguin exhibit after he tried to flee by jumping  with his umbrella from the top of the structure that houses the penguins. He told the police, “This is my umbrella helicopter and you’re just jealous you don’t have one. When I’m mayor, you’ll all be sorry!” He then asked to be referred to as “Mayor Cobblepot” for the remainder of his stay in jail. No details have been confirmed about the unnamed party that dared Devito to embark on his escapade, but onlookers said that Christopher Walken was seen talking to the trio earlier in the evening. If true, Walken could be forced to have a recurring role as Reed Thimple in a Country Bears tv drama.

Zoo surveillance

I’ll let you know if there is any more breaking news on these and other stories in the future. That’s the end for now. Food, the show Dinosaurs, and laundry. Doing it up right.