Here I am. I’ve decided that I will start my entry off with a case of the “I don’t likes” and go from there. Commercials:

Urine L'eggs

Sounds bad to me. Next.


Their newest model.

Remember it is important to use lotion daily.

The next complaint is about Cha cha cha…Charmin. They’re just alllll creepy. Every last one of their commercials.


I’m done with my commercial rant.

Moving on…Music: Kings of Leon lately. Diggin that. Thinking they will be making a permanant home in my cd collection. Gave Them Crooked Vultures a trial run last nite. They’re a keeper. Michael says he thinks that they definitely sound like QOTSA. However, I think their sound is quite different…especially due to the John Paul Jones influence. Rock on witch yo badself.  Sorry. Out of my system.

Movies- Never and I mean NEVER watch The Haunted Air Pilot. I thought I would give Robert Pattinson a shot outside of the Twilight films because I don’t really think the actors in that movie are superb. Buuuut, I thought, meh, maybe he is decent outside of those flicks. Well, it wasn’t that he acted poorly…but that movie is painful. Literally, I can’t believe I managed to make it through. It was like running a marathon. The Hallmark channel wouldn’t air that thing. Fini on that note. I watched The Time Traveler’s Wife a few days ago. That was interesting. I can’t say I want to add it to my movie collection, but I didn’t wish for the two hours of my life back. So that’s good. I like the actors, but I find Eric Bana’s head shape distracting. Make a mental note  and take it all in next time you see him. It’s like his ears are trying to escape from his hairline but are being held captive. I’m glad my husband doesn’t disappear all the time leaving behind a heap of clothing. Sometimes I think that has happened to Michael, but then I find him in new garb in another room. Unless the new clothes are what he came back in from the future. I’ll have to pay better attention. Emery does the same thing sometimes. I’ll just find a trail of clothes from socks to the empty diaper sans toddler. He does then reappear naked in another room. He might be time traveling.

If I think of anything else, I’ll return later. I wouldn’t bet on it though.