Helicopters  are terrorizing  my livingroom. That’s where the shrapnel comes from. Bits and pieces of this and thats ricochet through the air every time I open my eyes. Those things are dangerous and want me to lose an eye. Things like that just give me a bad case of the Post traumatic stress disorder. For days I will be walking around, flinching every time a speck of dust floats past me. Life isn’t fair. Maybe I should seek therapy to recover. We went to Havre de Grace to walk around the promenade and the seagulls caused the same effect. I squinted and sort of ducked every time they came around. However, that was merely because the idea of being crapped on doesn’t thrill me. The Jersey Aquarium taught me a valuable lesson:

fish gotta swim, birds gotta poop

Today we are doing a bit of the grilling that makes for tasty charred cow. mmmoooooooo sizzle. Good stuff right there. I haven’t written in awhile and am thinking there were a bunch of things I wanted to touch on. I should have made a list. I make a list for everything. I do mean everything. There are cleaning lists, packing lists, grocery lists, movies to see lists, music to buy lists, sites to visit lists. I’m thinking it might be a disease. I do so love my lists though.

True to life

First, I’m digging the Marriage Ref lately. Not much more to say about that. It’s not the sort of show that you dwell on the premise. Pretty cut and dry; crazy couples, crazy solutions, good panels. Ricky Gervais was awesome. I need to see more of his stuff…I likes it. I likes it a lot.  I’m going to watch the Time Traveler’s Wife this weekend. Hoping that will turn out to be kind of cool…or maybe even just cool minus the kind of.

That might be all I have for now…pondering…seems like it, sad. I’ll end with this. Rock on with his badself…

I want to know when this light bulb lit.