So, This weekend we’re New Yorking it. Should be fantastic. Haven’t been in a little bit. Something to look forward to. I really have no more to say about this topic right now. What a way to start my blog. FAIL.

On another very different note, Christopher Walken DOES indeed have a Twitter account. I can be happy in life again. Between Gary Busey, Stephen Colbert, Conan and Kevin Nealon…Twitter has been fan-fricken-tastic. Kevin Smith got deleted already because he wouldn’t stop posting. I couldn’t take it any more. It was like three pages of nothing but Kevin Smith crap EVERY time I got on there. And it was crap.

Dreams: College dorm, actually IN a school. Like kids were sleeping in the same building they took their classes in. So, visited friends went to class, oh yea, and found dead clowns in the public bathroom. Naturally in turned out to be one of the students, whom I knew. However, she was completely normal the whole dream…that is until she got caught and for some reason became a 20 inch miniature of herself. It was incredibly hard to pin down a person that small and get handcuffs on them. Just so you know. I’m pretty sure that is why Chucky got away with as much as he did.

They can get away with anything.

The Emery diaries. The last week and a half has proven to be very “interesting”  (if that’s what you want to call it) when it comes to Emery’s naughtiness. So Last week, he got into the bathroom and poured dog shampoo all over everything. Carpet numero uno I had to wash. Then Sunday came and he got into our bathroom while we were sleeping and poured body spray and lotion over the entire room. Carpet numero dos to wash.It still smells like raspberry perfume throughout the house. However, He poured the majority of the lotion and an entire bottle of rubbing alcohol down the toilet. Then yesterday, he waited until I was in the bathroom for a mere three minutes, and decided to run, open the fridge and remove the egg container. He then proceeded to take out two eggs and crack one of them over his head. ( From what I can tell, this is how it went down. I only had the after effect to draw conclusions from.)  So, there was a big egg splotch on the floor (carpet numero tres) and he was COVERED. Literally, his whole head was dripping with egg. He looked a little something like this:


The egg that got away.

It was definitely on the gross side.  So now all my carpets are washed, bathrooms are scrubbed down and Emery is super squeaky clean.  Let’s hope he lays off for a bit.

Moving on, watched Oklahoma! last nite. I remembered it being better. I don’t know why that is.  It couldn’t have been THAT spectacular before. However, it had its moments. I found it freakish when I realized that the main character is the mom from the Partridge Family. I don’t know why that blows my mind…but it does. Apparently in OK, if you have $50 you can marry anyone you choose.  Interesting. I am pretty sure the times have changed. I will have to look on Wikipedia to see what they say.



something to ponder. How did Michael Jackson make it in to the remembrances at the Oscars? Baffled.