Well, let’s just begin this by saying that I have been having insane dreams as of late.  I love to write about dreams because mine usually involve actors or people that should NOT be in your dreams. I find it to be highly amusing. It’s really like getting to watch a great flick every nite in my brain when I pass out. Two thumbs up, I say. Last nite’s dream was none too disappointing. Although, I already forgot a lot of things and there aren’t a lot of connectors…so it kind of just jumps all over the place. For example, I dreamt that I was running from this giant demon thing that took on the form of  a dragon “thing”. (It wasn’t really a dragon…but resembled it.)[Spiderwick Chronicles] 

Not my best look

Any who, somehow I got tricked into drinking this beverage that ended up having some of the creatures blood in it and that meant that when I was face to face with the creature we would take on the same form. Naturally, it would be HIS form. That meant that I spent a chunk of my dream flying around, busting through buildings and fighting the creature. However, by the end of the dream I got its wings off and then it was vulnerable again.[Dogma] In case you haven’t noticed, my dreams just incorporate other movies’ ideas and turn them into my own interpretation.

Man, do I love him. Sock rockin.

Then some how we ended up at Michael’s old band mate’s house and we were hanging out with his family. Had lunch…did laundry and then ended up at home only to have our neighbor at our house complaining about wives and how couples are. Michael and I explained we weren’t like that and then we were all awkward and quiet.  I don’t remember who my celebrity was in my dream last nite. I can’t quite put my finger on it. I will keep trying and see if I can remember it. At a later date I will tell about what happens when Whoopie Goldberg and Samuel L. Jackson are your partners at the NYPD and you bust drug dealers day in and day out.  Good times. Where these dreams come from…I don’t know. I don’t even drink the water. Go figure.



On a completely different note, been watching the Olympics every nite. Turns out I really like them. Who knew? Apparently not me. Ok, so when I say I really like them…I don’t mean ALL of the events. Speed skating to me is like Nascar. I can only take going in so many circles and then I just get tired. I actually opted out of speed skating the other nite and watched CSI instead. Not my proudest moment. Not to mention I learned that I do not like CSI…nor will I ever. Matter of fact, minus lost and the morning shows…I really have had no desire to watch any of the other shows thus far. From what I can tell, The rest of the country’s ideas about what they find funny is not really on the same page as mine. We’re not even in the same book. C’est la vie. Alright, I think that is enough for now. I’ll end on this tidbit of info I heard on tv the other day. Something like 78% of people in Great Britain admitted to only changing their sheets every  4-6 weeks. College kids said only about 5 or 6 times a year. Ponder that and cringe.