So my tv decided yesterday to get hotspots. That’s right, it has entered the stage of boob tube menopause. It’s all down hill from here on out. Things just aren’t made how they used to be. Our tv is about five years old and is already on its way out. Meanwhile, the tv in our spare room that is probably like ten years old will likely outlive us all. To Panasonic I say, “FAIL!”
Onto something completely different. Emery is watching Old School Sesame Street, which is absolutely sock rockin. Back when a segment went down a little something like this: There are two detective children living in the hood. One day an afro weave goes missing from the store front window of the beauty shop. The only clue they have is a dirty hand print and someone said it was a fat kid. Man, I love old school S.S.

It’s expected this weekend there a honkin huge load of snow is going to bury us all here in the MD/DE vicinity. So, in preparation we shall have the essentials for a hermit weekend on hand and ready to go. LIST:
1. FOOD- Pop-Tarts, Pepsi, coffee, ice cream, burgers and fries. 

2. Movies-Bottle Shock, Adventureland, Spiderwick Chronicles and Men In Black (Last two are the family friendly flicks for Emery’s viewing pleasure. He’ll love them) 

3. Heat in the form of Space heaters for added warmth, lots of extremely soft blankets (which unfortunately are causing a fuzzy epidemic in my house and insane shocks that zap me from every surface…me and the Scoleri brothers have something in common as of late.)

Static shock

I think we are going to survive. Alright, let the hermitage begin!