Is there a movie in which Christopher Walken will not accept a role ? It’s highly unlikely. The actor boasts a resume as varied as the selection in a bag of jelly bellies. It’s amazing the characters he has chosen to play throughout his acting career. Whether it’s Uncle Ray in Excess Baggage with lines like, ” Did I hurt you? Did I shoot you? In the groin?” or Playing the villain Hessian Horseman in Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow, Christopher Walken’s roles always stand out. It seems that he has a hard time turning down a role. Certainly Country Bears is a good example of that. However, even with his list of less than stellar flicks under his belt, he never disappoints. You never watch a film of his and leave the theater thinking, “Man, Christopher Walken was horrible in that movie.” You might walk away saying how terrible the movie was in general, but not Walken’s part. This man makes his roles shine like gold as soon as he picks up the script.

Walken seems to take an even amount of both serious and comedic roles. However, even when playing a serious character, he is able to deliver each phrase like a punch line. A good example of this is The Prophecy. Who else could play a murderous angel and still let lines like,

SNL has been a goldmine for Walken as well. Every appearance he makes on the show turns into a classic ready to be salpped on dvd and shipped to the masses. His role as Bruce Dickinson demanding “More Cowbell” from Will Ferrell has elipsed almost every other skit the show has produced. It’s not that the character has delivered some fantastic line from the writers (although the writers are impressive). Walken makes the line.Anyone else talking about cowbell would have been funny, but not cult classic funny. He takes a seemingly ordinary sentence for any other actor and turns it into one-line perfection.

Where can he go from here? More appropriate would be to ask where can’t he go from here? The man can do no wrong. Give him a failing film and this man will carry it until its closing credit. He may be the only thing keeping the audience in their seats. It must be an amazing relief to know that no matter what role you take or what lines you say, your fans will continue to flock in droves . Christopher Walken, turning straw into gold since 1953.



“Study your math, kids. Key to the Universe.” reel you in and make you root for him? Perhaps his appeal is that he wears insanity well. Very few people can take a mediocre role in a B movie and translate it into having a cult following where every sentence spoken is a tag line on a tee shirt. Christopher Walken is that man though.

Here’s an extra tidbit of sunshine to brighten your day.                                          

Letters to Walken

Letters to Walken