Disappointment is a four letter word, “news”. Have you been finding yourself sitting in front of your oversized television with the volume blasting during the six o’clock news and realize that you aren’t hearing or seeing anything? Don’t be alarmed. This is an absolutely normal occurrence in our day and age. No matter how big that screen gets or how loud the volume is cranked up, you’re not going to get anything out of it. Why is this, you might ask? Our news is just filler. We are being entertained for an hour at a time with commercials and pretty pictures. Sure, occasionally there is something worth while. Maybe a small excerpt on a school shooting or a drug bust somewhere in a city to which you’ve never been. Looking at the big picture though, we’re not being shown much. There’s nothing wrong with a segment on the largest pumpkin in the county, or an interview with a nutritionist about the harm of caffeine. However, at the end of that hour of viewing, you should walk away with more knowledge than what a soda is doing to your nerves or how much John Smith won from the Harvest Day for his two-hundred pound pumpkin.

While other countries debate the major events taking place in the United States, we instead debate whether the Iphone is better than the Blackberry. The United States’ public doesn’t know their own day-to-day occurrences any better than the rest of the world. It’s no wonder foreign countries scoff at us on a daily basis. We’re merely sheep being lead to the slaughter . If we don’t start learning the history we are making, how can we ever expect things to improve? You can’t bring about change when you don’t know what needs to be fixed.
You are better off in this day and age to turn off your television, shut off your radio and start researching your country’s daily news through other countries’ newspapers via the internet. It may be our only saving grace as a country to not be banned from seeing the nation through other cultures’ eyes. Of course, you will have to skim over certain paragraphs where they take their turn poking fun at us for our horrid reality t.v. shows or our usage of the English language. However, once you get past that, there might actually be some information in it for you.

In short, if you enjoy watching the monotonous stories about the this and that’s that make up an hour full of nothing we call the news, go right ahead. Ignorance is bliss, right? For the rest of you that didn’t just nod your head and smile, take the time to look away from what is meant to distract us from the real problems at hand. Rub the sleep from your eyes and see what has been happening while you were preoccupied. Realize that the news is owned and operated by people whose sole purpose is to sway the popular vote, convince you to consume the products of companies they own and scare you into submission. Wake up and take note of history in the making. A history in which none of us are apart.